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Hi! Welcome back (or welcome if you are new)! Thanks for stopping by I hope you’re doing well and spreading joy through everything you do! Lets get into today’s post, today I have a special Collab with Amelia from bymills. I will be reviewing 10 songs that she so kindly sent me and on her blog she is going to be reviewing the 10 songs I sent her!

I am so excited to do this post, it has been in the planning for a few weeks now so let’s get right into it! Make sure to check out Amelia’s post after reading my mine!!

  1. Own It. By Stormzy, Burna Boy, & Ed Sheeran

Let’s start out with a simple one, this was pretty good! It has a good beat and the lyrics are pretty good. When I was listening to it I got a lot of woman empowerment but from a guy’s stand point, e.g. when they say “girl you just own it”. IDK thats just my point of view haha. Over all its a good song, I wouldn’t say I’m in LOVE with it, but it pretty good. I would give it a 6.5/10

2. Think about it. By Dennis Lloyd

This one is alright.. I wouldn’t say my fav just because it’s not my style. Yk? The beat is good, I do find it repetitive though and I think that is why I would not necessarily like it. But I do find it a good work-background song ahaha! I would give it a 5/10.

3. Go f**k yourself. By Two Feet

THIS one ahaha. It is definitely an interesting one! Im not rlly a fan of swear words in music… or in anything really I just don’t use them. But if I am to look past that I’d say its actually a pretty good one! It has a good edgy beat which I like and the vocals aren’t annoying lool. I’d probably give this one a 6.5/10.

4. Electric Love. By Børns

I have to say I LOOOVE THIS ONE!!! My brother and I literally blasted it in the kitchen yesterday and it was so fun! Its surprisingly also a great song to listen to while running (if any of my readers are runners lol heads up to you haha) Definitely would give this one a 9/10!

5. What they want. By Russ

This one is so fun to listen to!! It is definitely on one of my preferred songs side! I don’t really know why it just has a fun beat to it. I’d give it a 7.5/10

6. Come and Go. By Juice WRLD (ft. marshmellow)

Listening to the lyrics I actually really like it! I think the only part of the song that I don’t prefer is around the beginning middle section, but after that and before that part its quite enjoyable! I think I would give it either a 7.5/10 or 8/10 for this one!

7. SHY. By The Magician (ft. Brayton Bowman)

At the beginning I though I would really like this song, but as it went on I didn’t really like it. I don’t really like the beat nor the vocals. I kind of found it annoying, and I kept finding myself skipping over it. 🤷‍♀️ I truly don’t know what it is, I just don’t prefer it. I’d give it a 4/10.

8. Love Me Land. By Zara Larsson

I have mixed emotions about this one! 😂 There are a few lyrics that I don’t like, and I wouldn’t listen to it because of that, but I do love the violin part, and the beat is pretty good. So I don’t really know I would probably give it a 4.5/10. Not because its not good but just because it’s not something I would listen to lol.

9. Such a W***e. By Jvla (potato remix)

I’d say this one was probably my least favourite because like I mentioned the swear words in the lyrics aren’t my things. But its also not really my style so I’d probably give it a 4.5/10. But don’t get me wrong though the beat was really good!

10. Hurt People. By Two Feet & Madison Love

This one I actually really like! The lyrics hold a lot of truth and I love the vocals/beat. This is probably one of my most favourite songs out of the ten other ones! haha, I’d give it a 9/10!

Well there you go guys! 10 songs reviewed, haha! I hope you enjoyed this post and Collab!!! Do you agree with my rating?? (let me know down below!) Make sure to go check out Amelia’s post on her blog (my songs reviewed by her)!! A big thanks goes to Amelia for collating with me, this was so much fun to write, thank you for all those new songs!

If you don’t already follow Amelia’s blog and instagram make sure to do so! She is such an amazing and fun person to talk, Collab, and just to know! Follow her blog, instagram, and twitter right down below!

Amelia’s blog: http://bymills.blogspot.com

Amelia’s Insta: https://www.instagram.com/bymillsx/

Amelia’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/bymillsx

Make sure to leave a like and comment down below! And go check out Amelia’s post!!!

As always thank you so much lovelies for reading! ❤

11 thoughts on “// Songs Review ft. Amelia //

  1. thank you for working with me lovely! as i mentioned when i first sent, apologies for the swear words, that is just me as person! i loved reviewing your songs x
    mills 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw so kind! It was such a blast to do this with you, and no need to apologies we all have different tastes with music! Haha totally get it 😄😄 Your songs were so fun/great to listen too! It def gave me a deeper understanding of different types of music! Take care lovely! xx


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