//Comfort During Hard Times//

A lot of times when we go through hard times we feel alone.

We feel like even though we open up and tell someone we trust what is wrong that they just don’t get it. It feels like no matter how much comfort or support we get from them that they just can’t understand how horrible or painful the thing we are going through is. And the truth is that it probably is true that they don’t understand. And it probably is truth that they won’t be able to help you the way you need to be help.

However, I do want to encourage you in this post. My goal is not to say that you will never be understood. In fact, my goal is the very opposite. I believe that Jesus Christ died on a cross two thousand years ago. I believe that he was sinless and perfect. And when he died on that cross he died for all the sins that we have done and will do. But why am I telling you this? The fact is that when Jesus died on that cross he FELT ALL the pain that you are feeling and much more. The struggle that you are going through he KNOWS what you are feeling because he felt it too. On that cross.

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I’m Back!! Finally Starting To Blog Again!

Hiiii everyone!!! 

Wow, what a long time it has been, am I right?!? Last time I uploaded a blog post was four months ago, right before I started Uni. Back then, I believed that I would be able to start blogging once I got a hang on Uni and let me tell you, I still do not have a hang on Uni! 🙈

However, that is totally alright because I have learned that everyone adjusts at their own speed, and now it is SUMMER, and I have to enjoy the time off that I have!! I really want to start blogging more!

So today’s post is just going to be a catch-up post and a quick hello! I am planning on posting every few days to get my activity up. I really cannot wait to get to do things this summer and just enjoy my freedom!! 

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// To New Beginnings! //

Happy 2021!🎉🎉🎉 (I know I’m late sorry about that lol) I had planned to post a New Years’ post which I wrote but then never published it. It wasn’t good enough for my standard and then we’ll I just never took the time to sit down and edit it.

So here I am writing my first post of 2021! I hope you all had an outstanding Christmas and New Year break!

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-Blogmas Day 25: Celebration!! 🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄-

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I hope you guys are having an outstanding day! Today is day 25 of blogmas and also the last day of blogmas!

Let us not forget what today is truly about -that Jesus Christ came to earth 2000 somewhat years ago as a young baby boy to grow up perfect, teach us and lead us. To be rejected and hated by man so that He would go and die on that wooden cross for all our sins.

This allows us today to have a cost-free relationship with God and to be able to live for Him without having to do any sacrifices. This also give us a free gift and that is to have eternal life with God. How amazing is that! Thank you Lord!

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– Blogmas Day 21: My Christmas Bujo!!! –

FINALLY THE DAY HAS COME!! I know you all have been dm-ing me and commenting on when will I ever post my Christmas Bujo! AND IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!

Thank you all for being patient with me! I wanted to work on it a bit longer but I guess that will have to be for another post!

ALSO IT’S THE 21TH!!! Guys only 4 (or is it 3? 🤷‍♀️) days left until Christmas!!!!! ARE YOU ALL AS EXCITED AS ME??!! Probably not but oh well!

Now you have all been waiting for this so here it is! My Christmas/December Bujo! Enjoy!

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