//Comfort During Hard Times//

A lot of times when we go through hard times we feel alone.

We feel like even though we open up and tell someone we trust what is wrong that they just don’t get it. It feels like no matter how much comfort or support we get from them that they just can’t understand how horrible or painful the thing we are going through is. And the truth is that it probably is true that they don’t understand. And it probably is truth that they won’t be able to help you the way you need to be help.

However, I do want to encourage you in this post. My goal is not to say that you will never be understood. In fact, my goal is the very opposite. I believe that Jesus Christ died on a cross two thousand years ago. I believe that he was sinless and perfect. And when he died on that cross he died for all the sins that we have done and will do. But why am I telling you this? The fact is that when Jesus died on that cross he FELT ALL the pain that you are feeling and much more. The struggle that you are going through he KNOWS what you are feeling because he felt it too. On that cross.

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// My Favourite Bible Verses at the moment (ATM)!! //

Hello lovelies! I did a post similar to this a while back and a lot of you guys liked it so I’m here for a part 2! The title is pretty much self-explanatory so with that said let’s get right into it, shall we?

“Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”
‭‭1 John‬ ‭4:8‬ ‭ESV‬‬

I LOVE this verse so much, it is such a good reminder and I always have it at the back of my mind. If you spend time with God in prayers or in scriptures or worship you will understand the true definition of Love.

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A Midnight Stroll

Hello. How are you?

It’s crazy to think that those three words can be so emotionally driven in a completely different direction. (Does that make sense? I’m sorry if it doesn’t)

I am writing this with a heavy heart but not in a sad way just in a gravitated way. You see these past couple of days and months even have been, I must say, eye opening. And I don’t think that other years haven’t also, but it’s just that with all of the freedom of social media it has laid a heavyweight on our shoulders, a burden to hard to comprehend. The kind that is only wished to be see in a movie. Only it is not a movie. It, This is real life.

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// One Day //

One day we’ll be face to face with God. One day it will all make sense. One day it will be clear and judgement day will be upon us. One day God will be right in front of us. I do not know when it will come, but I do know that when it does, two things will be said: God will either say “well done my faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23) or He will say “I do not know you.” (Matthew 25:12)

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Teeny Blessings


A day or two ago, I was doing my devotion and there is this thing you can do where you sit in silence for about 5 minutes or more if you want to and you just focus on what God is trying to say to you. This as you can imagine can be somewhat of a harder thing to do in the day time, when everyone is awake in your household, lucky for me it was nearing midnight and the house was *quiet* (don’t we love some quiet time!)

Anyhow, lately I have been really busy with school and to-do lists and all of THAT (you know the elephant in the room *cough* life *cough* ) So I did my quiet time and a couple of things came to my head about this and that, but one specific thing that happened a couple days ago came to my mind, and I thought to myself, “why would You (God) allow me to get *super* stressed about this tiny (not “ti-ny” but “tee-ny”) little thing that I never even got to be able to share ?? It just did not make sense. Anyways, I want on with my quiet time and then went to bed.

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Holy Week

He came to save us,

He taught us to love,

He taught us to care,

He taught us to forgive,

He taught us to pray,

He taught us to live,

He taught us to free,

He taught us to trust,

He taught us to give,

He taught us to be patient,

He taught us to be kind,

He taught us freedom,

He showed us our faults,

He showed us our desires,

He showed us our needs,

He showed us his grace,

He showed us our redemption,

He showed us our future,

He showed us His love,

He showed us His goodness,

He showed us His grace,

He showed us His patience,

He showed us His kindness,

He showed us His desires,

He showed us His death.

And freed us from ours.

And we still fall,

And we still fail,

And we still do not believe,

And we still hurt,

And we still hate,

And we still lie,

And we still lose hope,

And we still lose faith,

And we still…

But you see it isn’t what we do, but it is what He Has Done For Us. Period. Nothing more nothing less. This week is a reminder of Him. His Goodness. HIS LOVE.

Even if we fail He is still by our side.

Even if we lose hope, He is still hopeful.

Even if we lose faith, He still has faith.

Even if we lose control, He still has control.

We call his week “Holy Week” because this week is THE most important week that has ever come to past. This week two thousand years ago, was the week we were freed from Satan, Hell, and Death. By Jesus, and by Jesus alone.

And when people ask you what is the Good news? What is the Gospel? Why is it so Important? Tell them this,

Jesus came to earth,

He died on the cross for us and our sins,

He laid in a tomb for three days,

And then HE AROSED!!! That is the good news: He arose, He concurred death. And by doing so He has freed us from eternal death and is patiently waiting for the day that you come to Him and ask Him to forgive your sins, and ask Him to be His child. And He will be more then happy to say yes! All He wants is for you to come to Him and accept His gift.

The last thing about the gospel is that one day He will come back to earth and take us to our forever home with Him. Forever.

That is the Gospel,

The Good News,

The Truth.

Let us remember this by celebrating 2020’s Holy Week. And as always thanks for reading!

~Victoria ❤

The Little Things

Welcome back to my blog! This is a new idea for my blog that I feel I must post, and share with you all because it is my duty as a child of God to share a little bit about Him to you! So every few weeks I will do my best to post a bible verse and a quick thought of how that verse talked to me. 😄

For this first week I will start with Psalms 40:1-2 “I waited patiently for the Lord he inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure.” esv

As christians we go through these highs and lows with our relationship with God (the same goes for any relationships) last week or so, I told myself (and obviously God was listening) that I wanted to find new worship songs because that is one way that I worship God the best. Now at that time I honestly did not think much about it and went back to doing everyday things lol.

Later that day I believe, I was going through some Spotify songs and lended on ‘If We Love Him’ -by Lauryn Judd. At first I found the title weird thinking it was going to be a pop songs (to my surprise it wasn’t lol.) Im sure you can see where I’m going with this.. Anyhow I gave it a listen and soon realized that it was a worship song (and BTW the lyrics are SO good!!!)

You might be wondering how is this going to tie to the bible verse, well here is the truth; after all that had happened that day I opened up the Youversion bible app and looked at the verse of the day (which I never do usually) and Psalms 40:1-2 was the scripture of the day! As soon as I read it I knew it was God winking at me, telling me that even when I don’t directly ask Him to do something or answer a prayer He STILL hears me, and blesses me!

I strongly believe that those are the little things that strengthens my faith. Him telling me that even when it seems like the smallest of things, He still hears and goes the extra mile because He is Good and He loves his children.

Well that is it for today, I hope you have enjoy this post. If you want to see more of these kinds of post let me know by giving a like or commenting a ❤️ emoji (why not), and if you have any questions about what I talked about I would love to try to answer them! 😁

As always thanks for reading, Victoria! ❤ (The Cozy Potato)

P.S: If this is not your kind of post that you like to read that is totally alright and nothing to worry, I will still be posting my weekly original posts and poems!

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