A little about me

Greece Summer 2019 ✨

Hi it’s me Victoria, I’m the one behind the The Cozy Potato blog!!

A little bit about me; Im 16 years old, I love sci-fi/romance books and movies, I live in a country called Canada, I have a surprisingly strong passion for writing poems, drawing, colouring, and trying new things. I have two cats, one doggo, and a bunny!! XD I strive to glorify our maker of heaven and earth, God.

Lately, I’ve been up to no good (hehe) creating content for my blog and my new podcast! I am *constantly* trying to find new things to write/talk about. If you want to listen to my podcast go to YouTube and search for The Cozy Potato. And if you want to give me any ideas about what to write/talk about make sure you go tell me down in the comments, it always helps to get ideas! (As always I’ve been rambling for waAAYY to long now ahaha).

Thanks for stopping by, and as always thanks for reading!