– Blogmas Day 5: A Chocolate dessert! –

Hello welcome back!! Can you believe we are literally 20 days away from Christmas!! 🥳 I am so here for it!! And Christmas break couldn’t come any sooner! I need it nowww anybody else with me?? No? Yes?! Alrighty well let’s get into today’s post!! A dessert!!

First off you are going to need chocolate! I happened to have chocolate chips so that is what I used but you use what you have.

Now it can be dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or even white chocolate, whichever you prefer you may use!

Basically what you will be doing is a chocolate bar… well sort of. Start off by melting your chocolate in the microwave by 30 seconds intervals.

Then take out a plate or you can use a cutting board (so that it is flat and easier to flatten out your chocolate) and cover it with a parchment paper or waxed paper.

Pour your melted chocolate on to the plate and using a knife or spoon flatten it out to create somewhat of a square or rectangle. Make sure you have enough chocolate on so that it’s not too thin.

Now for the fun part!! I usually will add chopped almonds & cinnamon. But to make this Christmasy you can add candy canes, marshmallows, any nuts or dried fruits that you like. Just crush them up or cut them into fine pieces and then add them on top of the chocolate!

Place you chocolate into the freezer for about 15-20 minutes and then take it out and with the back of a knife cut or break your chocolate into bite size pieces and enjoy!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little recipe I do this honestly so often because it is such a good snack and it is so healthy too! (If you use dark chocolate) which if you use sweet toppings I’d recommend to use dark chocolate.

You could also even do the main chocolate as dark chocolate and then drizzle some melted white chocolate on top to add some colour!!

Final look!!

Alrighty everyone!! This post was a little bit longer but hopefully you try it out!! If you do make sure to tag me in an Instagram story or post!! I’d love to see your creation!!

This was blast! I’ll see you all tomorrow!

As always thanks for reading! ❤

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