// Songs Review ft. Amelia //

Hi! Welcome back (or welcome if you are new)! Thanks for stopping by I hope you’re doing well and spreading joy through everything you do! Lets get into today’s post, today I have a special Collab with Amelia from bymills. I will be reviewing 10 songs that she so kindly sent me and on her blog she is going to be reviewing the 10 songs I sent her!

I am so excited to do this post, it has been in the planning for a few weeks now so let’s get right into it! Make sure to check out Amelia’s post after reading my mine!!

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// I made it to 70!!! //

WE MADE IT TO 70 FOLLOWERS!!!! AHHHH this is absolutely crazy how 70 people of you’ll want to read what I have to say/ what goes on in my head! (Wait a minute… should I be worried about that 🤨🤨🤪🤩 oh well!)

Anyways thank you all so much can’t wait for those 30 more followers!! Then I’ll be hitting the BIG THREE DIGITS!!!! 🥳🥳🥳

Thank you all for the love! ❤️🥰🥰 Stay tuned for the next post which is about an award!! And also stay tune for my next next post which is a collab with an amazing person!!!

And as always thanks for reading!! ❤

// If I’m being honest. 5 Goals I want to maintain and achieve on my blog! //

Hi! I really don’t know how to start this post. I feel like I struggle with that A LOT. Do you? Or am I alone on this one? No? Just me?

Well moving along! I have been reading, analyzing , considering and coming to conclusion that I haven’t being writing for my enjoyment. Nor for just the pleasure of writing.

If I’m being honest, I’ve found that I have been looking at other bloggers and wanting what they have. And I think that what that is is a purpose and desire to write.

So I think that writing down what I want to do and achieve on this blog, sort of like give myself goals that I love and truly want to achieve. So I made a list of the goals of what I want to achieve down below!!

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// I didn’t wash my hair for 2 months?!?! //

Hey hey hey! Before I get into this week’s post I do want to tell you guys that I have finally uploaded a new podcast!! And I must say sorry for not uploading frequently :/ I am rather bad at doing so but! Do not fear I have up loaded a new one yesterday and so if you haven’t has the time to listen to it, I suggest that you do so, my brother and I talked about friendship and answered a few question like: How do I know people truly see and love me? and What do I look for in a friend? So if these sound interesting make sure to hope on over to Youtube and listen to it, it was a blast making it!! 😁 Also just a little reminder that if you would like to receive an email for every time I upload a new post then you must go to the home page and scroll all the way down to subscribe and put your email in the box! Ok, few 😅 that was a lot, now onto today’s post!!

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A Broken Brier

She was a masterpiece,

with a delicate breach

She was a spirit,

without a limit

She was a lullaby 

with a  beautiful cry

She was a treasure 

for all that would venture

She was a comforter

to all her doubters

And yet she was a woman 

With a sadness none could comprehend..

lost in her thoughts

destroyed by her void

A broken brier

 without her admirer

A broken masterpiece

healed only by her serene release.

Holy Week

He came to save us,

He taught us to love,

He taught us to care,

He taught us to forgive,

He taught us to pray,

He taught us to live,

He taught us to free,

He taught us to trust,

He taught us to give,

He taught us to be patient,

He taught us to be kind,

He taught us freedom,

He showed us our faults,

He showed us our desires,

He showed us our needs,

He showed us his grace,

He showed us our redemption,

He showed us our future,

He showed us His love,

He showed us His goodness,

He showed us His grace,

He showed us His patience,

He showed us His kindness,

He showed us His desires,

He showed us His death.

And freed us from ours.

And we still fall,

And we still fail,

And we still do not believe,

And we still hurt,

And we still hate,

And we still lie,

And we still lose hope,

And we still lose faith,

And we still…

But you see it isn’t what we do, but it is what He Has Done For Us. Period. Nothing more nothing less. This week is a reminder of Him. His Goodness. HIS LOVE.

Even if we fail He is still by our side.

Even if we lose hope, He is still hopeful.

Even if we lose faith, He still has faith.

Even if we lose control, He still has control.

We call his week “Holy Week” because this week is THE most important week that has ever come to past. This week two thousand years ago, was the week we were freed from Satan, Hell, and Death. By Jesus, and by Jesus alone.

And when people ask you what is the Good news? What is the Gospel? Why is it so Important? Tell them this,

Jesus came to earth,

He died on the cross for us and our sins,

He laid in a tomb for three days,

And then HE AROSED!!! That is the good news: He arose, He concurred death. And by doing so He has freed us from eternal death and is patiently waiting for the day that you come to Him and ask Him to forgive your sins, and ask Him to be His child. And He will be more then happy to say yes! All He wants is for you to come to Him and accept His gift.

The last thing about the gospel is that one day He will come back to earth and take us to our forever home with Him. Forever.

That is the Gospel,

The Good News,

The Truth.

Let us remember this by celebrating 2020’s Holy Week. And as always thanks for reading!

~Victoria ❤

The Long Fellow

A long fellow once ask me, “why must our dreams be so hard to reach? Why must we go through blood, sweat, and tears to hear meaningless cheers every few years?” 

With sadness in his soul the long fellow stood quiet and still 

But I being wise in age must have answered something of so – “dear sir the answer to those questions are simple yet hard to swallow. 

The truth is it is not with a lot that much is accomplished, but it is the little things that much is accomplished. However, those little things may seem like mountains, because the smaller it is, the harder it is to live up to it. The good out of that however, is that if you do achieve your dreams, your victory shall be all the sweeter.

Hence the reason to your blood, sweat, and tears.” –