– Blogmas day 10: Celebration and Hair Care tips!! –

Guys we made it to day 10!!! Yahoo *everybody celebrate!!* Alrighty party is over now onto business. 😳😂

Now you might be wondering how does hair care have anything to do with Christmas? Well I’m glad you ask! During winter time we want to spend every chance we get celebrating the holidays, however how is one supposed to do that if your head is hurting or itching because of bad hair care.

So for Christmas do yourself a favour and take care of your hair and scalp with these two tips that I have found very practical!

(Now I do want to say that these are just some tips that I’ve found useful for my own hair it might vary for your hair/hair type)

1. Limit the times you clean your hair. Now I know this sounds disturbing but hang in there with me!! Last summer I did a 2 months shampoo-free hair cleaning method, read more about that here!!

What I learned from this though is that when you wash your hair with shampoo it literally takes away all the oils (the good and the bad) in your hair. This isn’t good, as you might imagine. I won’t go into an in depth reason to why cleaning you hair too often (like every second day) is bad because that’s a whole post in its self! Lol

However, here is the trick. You definitely want to get ride of those dirty, sweaty oils so instead of using shampoo every time you need to wash you hair either only wash it once a week OR when you take a shower don’t use any shampoo/conditioner!!

Just rinse your hair out with warm water and make sure to strongly massage your scalp. This will get ride of any type of bad oils in your head. And then in a couple next days then use shampoo.

So let’s say Monday you wash your hair with shampoo then Wednesday arrives and you just rinse your hair out then Saturday comes and then you use shampoo again!

2. Now for my friends who have dry hair or dry ends a simple trick is to use a little bit of coconut oil after a deep conditioner session and there you go! You are all set for the holidays! Lol

You could even add peppermint essential oil in your coconut oil and then you would have a Christmasy scent in your hair!!

Alrighty there was only two tips but these are the ones that for me have been so useful for my hair. Again this is just what works for me it might be different for you! 🤍

This was a longer post so sorry about that however, I hope you have enjoyed reading this post! And getting these tips!

Here’s to day 10 of blogmas!!!

As always thanks for reading! ❤

4 thoughts on “– Blogmas day 10: Celebration and Hair Care tips!! –

  1. I have ti agree on not cleaning your hair with shampoo too often. Just because you don’t use shampoo to strip it, that doesn’t mean you leave it grimey! It’s the biggest misconception so I’m glad you cleared that up 😊

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    • Yes!! Exactly it’s such a misconception and the funny thing is people think “oh why would you do that? That’s so gross” but in reality nobody even notices!! I did the shampoo-free cleaning for 2 months and no one said anything about my hair looking bad or smelling bad because I still cleaned it with the water! Anyways, I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😊

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