How to Master Online Schooling (from a pro)

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Hi there everyone! My name is Elle, and I would like to thank the lovely Victoria for having a collab with me. Isn’t her website so pretty? Oops… I’m rambling. Let us begin. 

Around four years ago, I was in middle school. It was a particularly awful time for me, and it reflected in my behaviour. The environment was toxic. 

My mom and I decided to withdraw me from public school and start me online. Switching from public school to online school proved to be a different challenge, though not impossible. Before getting to the K12 school that I’m enrolled in, I was in another program. One that didn’t fit my needs. It failed that semester I was in that school; however, I passed the year because I passed the first semester in regular school with straight A’s

Now after four years, a new school system, and a game plan, I am finally confident enough to share my secrets to mastering online schooling. Or virtual education, whichever you prefer. 

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//September bullet journal!!//

Hello, welcome back!! Today is going to be a short post but I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it!! I’ll be showing you guys my September bullet journal!!!

I’ve been wanting to do this kind of bujo post for a while now but only got to it now!! (I guess it takes 9 months out of the year for me to finally be on time! 😂)

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// A quote + Life Update!! //

It was simple, 

to look into her eyes and fall in love with who she was. 

And who she made me.

~ The Cozy Potato

Hi guys!! Its been a while, I know I haven’t up loaded a post in what feels like foreverrrr and I am truly sorry about that! However, I have been very much active on my insta page and so if you are not following it I strongly suggest you go and do that!! Right now, right here!!

I hope you liked the little quote that came to my head the other day, I’m still trying to figure what exactly it means but once I figure it out I’ll write a post about it!! (maybe🙃)

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//Another Poem//

We wonder in the broad day light,

We seek the unknown.

We love a truth that conforms us,

And seek the purpose of our souls.

We miss the point that out hearts and souls long for.

And we fear the very thing we love.

We cling to a joy that will indeed with time deteriorate our entirety.

We long for perfection and we reach for success,

but we find ourselves shattered in thousand pieces of a perfect master piece

and we fall to despair because we cannot reach our dreams.

But how then do we live?

Is there anything or anyone who can save us from our own shamed and doomed selves?

Shall we run to the joy we so desire and yet can never reach? Or shall we stay in this torturous repeat.

Who shall we be saved by?

Or better yet shall we even be saved?

Is our faith not in our own hands?

Or has the world lied to us once again.

We no longer see right from wrong but only a blur of gray.

We long for a truth that is solid and built on a strong foundation.

But can we even find such truth?

Why of course!

Although we are lost at sea, the shore is never far off.

We must keep our eyes wide and open for the truth of all truths to arrive.

Because it is not us to it, but it to us -because only then can we be certain that what is there is the Truth.

Hope you enjoyed this little poem! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post it’s an awesome collab with an awesome gal!!

As always thanks for reading! ❤

// Up & Away We Go! A Collab w/ Iridescent //

Hello lovelies! Thanks for taking the time to come and read my post! Today’s post is a Collab with the incredible Sairah from Iridescent blog! (I know so many collabs are going on my blog right now! 😅) But you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one!!! Today’s theme is all about TRAVEL!!!! More specifically, places we’ve travelled to and want to travel to!

If you guys don’t know or follow Iridescent blog then I definitely suggest you go and give them a follow on their blog, insta, and pinterest! They are two amazing people that upload twice-ish a week and are always super active on the gram!! They are really kind and have some great content so make sure you go check them out!!

This is such an exciting blog post I absolutely can’t wait for you to read it, I will try my best to make it short (but no solid promises! hahaha) ALSO make sure you guys keep reading after my sign off because Sairah’s post is right underneath mine!! 😋

Hope you enjoy, have a great day, and let’s get right into this post!!!

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// Songs Review ft. Amelia //

Hi! Welcome back (or welcome if you are new)! Thanks for stopping by I hope you’re doing well and spreading joy through everything you do! Lets get into today’s post, today I have a special Collab with Amelia from bymills. I will be reviewing 10 songs that she so kindly sent me and on her blog she is going to be reviewing the 10 songs I sent her!

I am so excited to do this post, it has been in the planning for a few weeks now so let’s get right into it! Make sure to check out Amelia’s post after reading my mine!!

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// The Book Thief, A book review //

THIS BOOK. Now let me just start off and say 👏this 👏book👏is👏just👏spectacularly,unimaginably,incredible.👏

So a few years ago (I can’t even believe how fast it gone by) my good friend Meredith gave me this book (the book thief) for an end of school year present. Now she had told me something that had made her laugh but I kind of never understood what she said so it is a mystery and I will most likely never find out. (Sorry Mere I promise I do listen to all the things that you say… well except for that one time 😂😘)

ANYHOW, so long story short the book ended up sitting on my bookshelf for what felt like years and I started to feel bad that I hadn’t actually gotten to read it. So when COVID broke loose and we humans loss all human interaction that we were getting, I decided to sit down and start reading it!

Here’s what I liked about The Book Thief:

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// 15 questions, An interview with Pati_cool!! //

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

How are you doing? Great? Thats awesome! This is my first collab ever and I’m doing it with Patrycja from pati_cool (and it is her first collab too!!) She gave me 15 questions to answer and so here are my answers! Make sure to head over to Pati’s website afterwards to see my questions for her!! (Trust me you won’t want to miss them!) Ok, today’s post is a long one so lets get right into it!

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// A glimpse in an untold story //

The wind blowed strait into my face and onto my body. I could feel the cold seap through my tin laced nightgown and my hair crossing over my face in no particular way. It was night time, the stars were blooming through the dark abyss of the universe. I could feel the sand in between my toes and the sound of the calm, soothing waves crashing along the beach. Somewhere here and there, close by but yet far away.

When I looked back down my eyes reached the line where the ocean so pleasantly connects with the sky. The moon shimmering upon the water. Revealing nothing but curiosity for those who have a mind to venture far out into that mystery.

It was a peaceful and quiet night, one would have thought they were the last person on earth. But the truth is I’m never alone. Across to the side was a small crab making its way to somewhere. Never really know if there was a right or wrong path.

How simple, I thought, it is to forget to take a moment to focus on the present, which many fail to do. How sad, to think that many miss what is right in front of them.

Forgetting to enjoy the small moments. And dismissing the importance to pause and breath. The long, deep breaths. The ones that could change the world, if God only dared to allow it. To be present in the now. Not worrying about the yesterdays or tomorrows.

I could taste the salt in the air and smell the indescribable beauty of this place I call home.

Reaching the water, I felt its cold mysterious power reach my toes, sending a vibrant shock throughout my fragile human frame. Without contemplating, I let my body plunge into the darkness of the ocean. Silencing my overwhelming thoughts, troubles, and worries and letting them be hushed away -by the crushing waves- and along with the passing seconds.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse in a story I had stuck in my mind. If you liked this kind of post let me know down below or by leaving a like, so I write more like these in the future!!

As always thanks for reading! ❤