– Blogmas Day 16: Give a Little Back This Christmas With Ecosia! –

Happy Happy Happy day everyone!! Today I am writing this post in awe that I even found out about this! So what is Ecosia? Have you ever heard of it? Do you use it?

Ecosia is a search engine that you can use for free. Basically like Google, HOWEVER here is the best part! About 47% in average of the money that they make goes to planting trees! Now how do they do that you might ask? Well let me tell you!

By you doing a search on ecosia it will generate adds that will pop up and those adds will give money back to Ecosia and will allow them to plant trees! About 45 searches allow 1 tree to be planted.

Now this is not a paid partnership with Ecosia (although I wouldn’t mind 😏) BUT I just thought that most of us want to help our planet and this is an easy, affordable, and simple way to do it!!

All you have to do is use https://www.ecosia.org search engine instead of google, bing, or other search engine and you’ll be helping to grow GOOD and HEALTHY forests!! Imagine how many forests you could help make!

Now I know what you might be wondering because I wondered it too, that is of course: is this a true organization or are they lying about this? So I did a few searches and I came to conclude that it is a true organisation that plants trees off of the profit they make from this search engine.

However, if you don’t believe me I strongly suggest you go watch these videos:

There are many more videos like these out there about Ecosia, these are just a few. Lastly I do want to say that for me what legitimates this search engine is that APPLE has made it an option in their SETTINGS now if that doesn’t mean anything to you I do not know what will.

To change it go to settings >> then press search engine >> and then choose Ecosia

Anyways I just hope that this will informe you of this search engine that is beneficial to our earth. So for the holidays while you are doing your Christmas shopping switch to Ecosia. So that while you are buying your Christmas gift you know that you are also helping the earth’s forests improve!

If you do choose to make this as your search engine please share with your friends and family!!
Well that is all I have for you guys today, leave a like and comment if you want to and I will see you guys tomorrow with a brand new post!!

What are your thoughts on this? Will you give it a try? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!!

As always thanks for reading!<3

5 thoughts on “– Blogmas Day 16: Give a Little Back This Christmas With Ecosia! –

  1. Thanks for explaining what this was. I’d seen Ecosia in my referrers but never knew what that browser actually was or who would actually use it 😅 Now Im wondering if it was you that did the searches that lead to my blog!

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