– Blogmas Day 15: My Morning routine!! –

Happy Tuesday everybody! (Or whatever day it is when you read this haha!) Here is my new christmas picture!! I hope you like it! I didn’t change much but for now it’s what I got!

This post was suggested by one of my dear friend Meredith and I thought why not?! So here is my everyday morning routine!

I normally have my alarm set for 7:30 am and then don’t wake up until 8:00 am (if I went to bed late). When I finally get the motivation to get out of bed I go to the bathroom to take my retainer out and clean my face. Then I make my bed (the lazy way lol) and get dressed for the day.

Once that is done I check my phone for a bit and then go downstairs to have breakfast! After having breakfast I start my school (usually I do an hour of history in the morning) and that is my morning routine!

This was a short post but you guys know that’s what I am all about!
Have an awesome day everyone!

As always thank you for reading! ❤

5 thoughts on “– Blogmas Day 15: My Morning routine!! –

    • Hahaha not you calling me out 🤭😅😂 Lol, the way I see it is that if I don’t set an alarm for 30 minutes before I should actually get up then I won’t get up until 30 minutes past my actual wake up time. Hence making me late. Lol hopefully that clarifies my alarm shenanigans!😂😂

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