– Blogmas day 10: Celebration and Hair Care tips!! –

Guys we made it to day 10!!! Yahoo *everybody celebrate!!* Alrighty party is over now onto business. 😳😂

Now you might be wondering how does hair care have anything to do with Christmas? Well I’m glad you ask! During winter time we want to spend every chance we get celebrating the holidays, however how is one supposed to do that if your head is hurting or itching because of bad hair care.

So for Christmas do yourself a favour and take care of your hair and scalp with these two tips that I have found very practical!

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// Tips to living a happy life! //

HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYONEEEEE ahaha idk why I started it like that but oh well! “🎶 it is a beautiful day, DON’T LET IT GET AWAY🎶” -U2 *thanks dad for the song reference* 😂😅 Ok enough with the nonsense, lets get down to today’s AMAZING post!!! This is a collaboration with Tia from Tall Blonde Tales blog!! Todays talk is all about positivity, joy, and happiness! Here are just a few tips and ways to living a happy life. Make sure to keep reading after my close off because Tia’s post is also written down below!! If you like what you see make sure to leave a like or comment and go follow Tia’s blog also!!

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Tips To De-stress

Hey everyone

So today I woke up with the feeling of having a really packed, stressful day. I have realized that with this whole COVID-19, my days are getting more and more busy even when I can’t even get out of the house!!!!! *starts ripping hair out and slowly going insane* I do find it ironic how even thought almost everything is closed and no one is going out… I’m constantly busy with zoom calls, up coming homework assignment due, and so much moreee. So I thought to myself why don’t I just talk about it on my blog. (I’m sure you all are dying to hear about my stress issues🥴) jk. Anyhow I was thinking to myself why not use this busy busy day for me to share some tricks of mine that I often use when I’m stressed out or have bad nervousness.

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