//My Productivity Routine//

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”

-Abraham Lincoln

Hi beautiful! So I wrote this post a few weeks ago and I never uploaded it because I just didn’t feel like it because I have this mindset of if I’m not happy with what I have written then I don’t publish it. But I fixed a couple of stuff here and there and it is now ready to be published. 😂 Now with all of that explained lets get into today’s post!!

A couple post ago I told you guys that if you wanted to read my productivity routine then I would make a post about it and well… here we are! 

My Productivity Routine

1. Schedule

2. Right mind

3. Good sleep

4. Don’t overload yourself

5. Don’t feel like the next day you are doing nothing

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A Midnight Stroll

Hello. How are you?

It’s crazy to think that those three words can be so emotionally driven in a completely different direction. (Does that make sense? I’m sorry if it doesn’t)

I am writing this with a heavy heart but not in a sad way just in a gravitated way. You see these past couple of days and months even have been, I must say, eye opening. And I don’t think that other years haven’t also, but it’s just that with all of the freedom of social media it has laid a heavyweight on our shoulders, a burden to hard to comprehend. The kind that is only wished to be see in a movie. Only it is not a movie. It, This is real life.

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March Favs!!

Happy ☀️day everyone!! So as promised today I am uploading my March favourites, so bare with me as I try to formulate my thoughts *long pause because I don’t know what else to say, and also realizing that I was supposed to upload this yesterday*

This month has been very interesting with everything happening all so very fast. When I come to thinking of my five March favourites I find it hard to find five things that has help me this month. However, I have come up with my five favourites!! *add audience cheering soundtrack* So with that said I can’t wait to start telling you about it.

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3 Favourite Quotes

Good day fellas 🎩 (I’ve been watching wAYYY to many old British movies lately lol) I know today I was supposed to upload my March Favourite post… however with everything going on in life and the world in general. I haven’t gotten the change to zero down on what my 5 March Favourites could be. So with that being said I’ll try my best to find 5 March favs *hopefully before April* but for now you’ll have to forgive me and read this post instead, which if I do say so myself will be just as fun and interesting to read! 

I have been wanting to write this post (and post it lol) **so badly** but you see I really wanted to make sure I pick the right quotes that I really valued the most. (If you read the title, then what I’m talking about will make sense… if not we’ll hang in there it will make sense lol.) In this post i wanted to zero in on 3 of my favourite, most thought of quotes. I really found this to be a challenge because for me this post was so much more than picking three quotes and talk about it. I wanted to really take what I have learned about these quotes and give it to you guys. So I know I’ve been rambling for way to long but here are my three favourite quotes! 

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