– Blogmas Day 12: Instagram’s Q&A!!! –

Day 12 let’s get it!! I hope everyone is having an amazing day! Be sure to check out Day 11 of my blogmas it was definitely an important one for me!!

Now a couple of days ago I asked you guys to send in some questions on my Instagram and you all send some lovely questions for me to answer so here are my answers!!

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// Mystery Blogger Award!!! //

Hi! great news, I got nominated for my first blogger award and that’s not even the best part! I got nominated for it TWICE!!

I know right! How amazing is that, gotta love the blogging community! So here we go, first off I would like to thank both bloggers who nominated me: ARTS&AVE and Bernie. They both have amazing blogs so make sure to head over there and give them a follow!

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Tips To De-stress

Hey everyone

So today I woke up with the feeling of having a really packed, stressful day. I have realized that with this whole COVID-19, my days are getting more and more busy even when I can’t even get out of the house!!!!! *starts ripping hair out and slowly going insane* I do find it ironic how even thought almost everything is closed and no one is going out… I’m constantly busy with zoom calls, up coming homework assignment due, and so much moreee. So I thought to myself why don’t I just talk about it on my blog. (I’m sure you all are dying to hear about my stress issues🥴) jk. Anyhow I was thinking to myself why not use this busy busy day for me to share some tricks of mine that I often use when I’m stressed out or have bad nervousness.

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February Favs

SURPRISE!! It’s me again, your favourite Cozy Potato 😂

I KNOW, two posts in one week??? Well, on Thursday I was doing my maths and lost myself to the deep abyss of not being able to answer the math problem, lol (that not the point though) the point is that my eyes were staring right at my calendar. Once I focussed back to reality I realized that this Wednesday was the last Wednesday of the month (crazy I know right!) Since I upload a post every Wednesday (for example this week I uploaded A Reminder Of You) this got me thinking that I was supposed to published my February Favs post *on that Wednesday🙄*. 

So here I am late, but the good news is, it’s still FEBRUARY! ***🎉HOORAYYY🎉!!!***  Therefore, with that being said here is my 5 February Favourites! 😁

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January FAVs

Hi my beautiful readers! Welcome to a… New Series on the Cozy Potato Website!!!

This series will be about my top 5 favourite items that I have use SO MUCH during the past month. This month, January, will be the first post of this series: this will help me so so much in making sure that I post at least once a month!! With that said, here are my January Favourites :)) 

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