//Another Poem//

We wonder in the broad day light,

We seek the unknown.

We love a truth that conforms us,

And seek the purpose of our souls.

We miss the point that out hearts and souls long for.

And we fear the very thing we love.

We cling to a joy that will indeed with time deteriorate our entirety.

We long for perfection and we reach for success,

but we find ourselves shattered in thousand pieces of a perfect master piece

and we fall to despair because we cannot reach our dreams.

But how then do we live?

Is there anything or anyone who can save us from our own shamed and doomed selves?

Shall we run to the joy we so desire and yet can never reach? Or shall we stay in this torturous repeat.

Who shall we be saved by?

Or better yet shall we even be saved?

Is our faith not in our own hands?

Or has the world lied to us once again.

We no longer see right from wrong but only a blur of gray.

We long for a truth that is solid and built on a strong foundation.

But can we even find such truth?

Why of course!

Although we are lost at sea, the shore is never far off.

We must keep our eyes wide and open for the truth of all truths to arrive.

Because it is not us to it, but it to us -because only then can we be certain that what is there is the Truth.

Hope you enjoyed this little poem! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post it’s an awesome collab with an awesome gal!!

As always thanks for reading! ❤

The Seasons

The Seasons there are, with Winter I shall start.

❄️ Its beauty frozen in the un-shattered cold. We fear to love it for its powerful hold can freeze us, its graceful white flakes fall upon us as a fascinating story that dares to open our imagination. Children loves and adults hates, but its charming chill none could scorn. It guides us in our midnight strides with its soft but yet blinding lights.❄️

And in morning yet arise like non other but peaceful spring. 

🌱 As fast as winter came it dared not stay, for fear that spring might scorn its ways. But yet at last spring appears bright and clear. The joy it brings into people’s hearts, the future is bright and warm. The growth of trees and seedling bleeds throw the left-over snow. Children spies and find a promise of heat and sun. Joy and peace, spring sure does bring, to adults and children, oh how they do rejoice. Flowers bloom and animals loom, in their heart yet no one knows, they too rejoice. 🌱

And yet even if spring is short it brings a promise of summer. 

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