– Blogmas Day 12: Instagram’s Q&A!!! –

Day 12 let’s get it!! I hope everyone is having an amazing day! Be sure to check out Day 11 of my blogmas it was definitely an important one for me!!

Now a couple of days ago I asked you guys to send in some questions on my Instagram and you all send some lovely questions for me to answer so here are my answers!!

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Updates/Exciting News!!!!!

Wow, hey guys! I feel like so many things have happened in the past couple days and i’ve just let you guys in the dark… unless you follow me on instagram 😉 then you might have an idea of what is happening.

First things first, I have created an IG account specifically for the Cozy Potato and so now you can go follow me (right here) anytime! I try my best to post at least one or two stories a day and upload any new important news that are coming your way!!

Second thing, I am soooo excited to announce that I now have a PODCAST!!! This still sounds crazy when I say it! You can find it on Youtube, my theme for this podcast is “rambling nonsense, and a little bit of madness” which is true… to some extant!! I am also hoping to be able to inspire everyone who listens to it. By this time my first recording (intro) is up live to the public on YouTube!! and if you want to listen to it you can find the link to it right here. It is a short and sweet little intro to who I am and what I want this podcast to be about, I hope you guys enjoy it!!

Third thing I am eager to get to is that I am hoping I will be able to start a new category for book/movie reviews on my website!! So stay toon for that, I will still be uploading one post every Wednesday, but with the amount of post I want to write and post… it is getting hard to keep it to only once a week. (I guess thats a good thing right?) 😁

With that being said that is all for today you guys, go follow me on IG to get updates everyday and I hope you guys enjoy the podcast intro, more will definitely be coming soon!!

As always thanks for reading,

~Victoria ❤