– Blogmas Day 14: Christmas Baking I want to do!! –

Good day everyone!!! Today is a good day because I am going to be talking about food! 🤩 More specifically CHRISTMAS GOODIES!!! 🥳🎄 Tomorrow will be day 15 of blogmas and I feel that it is time to change the blogmas picture for the next days remaining so look out for tomorrow’s post!! Now onto the good part: these delicious desserts that I want to make during Christmas break!!

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– Blogmas Day 5: A Chocolate dessert! –

Hello welcome back!! Can you believe we are literally 20 days away from Christmas!! 🥳 I am so here for it!! And Christmas break couldn’t come any sooner! I need it nowww anybody else with me?? No? Yes?! Alrighty well let’s get into today’s post!! A dessert!!

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// My Favourite Desserts //

Food. The one thing that brings people together! Hi, welcome back!!

So I saw another blogger do this and absolutely 100% wanted to do it!! Today’s post is all about my favourite DESSERTS!!!! And yes, I know that people have a wide view of which desert taste/ look/ are the best, but these are just my top favourites (with that said you can try to convince me otherwise…. but in the end my pallet will have the final saying, for me at least!😂🤪) (note: please know that these pictures are not mine, they are from Pinterest, except the chocolate dipped strawberries.)

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