– Blogmas Day 16: Give a Little Back This Christmas With Ecosia! –

Happy Happy Happy day everyone!! Today I am writing this post in awe that I even found out about this! So what is Ecosia? Have you ever heard of it? Do you use it?

Ecosia is a search engine that you can use for free. Basically like Google, HOWEVER here is the best part! About 47% in average of the money that they make goes to planting trees! Now how do they do that you might ask? Well let me tell you!

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– Blogmas Day 15: My Morning routine!! –

Happy Tuesday everybody! (Or whatever day it is when you read this haha!) Here is my new christmas picture!! I hope you like it! I didn’t change much but for now it’s what I got!

This post was suggested by one of my dear friend Meredith and I thought why not?! So here is my everyday morning routine!

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– Blogmas Day 14: Christmas Baking I want to do!! –

Good day everyone!!! Today is a good day because I am going to be talking about food! 🤩 More specifically CHRISTMAS GOODIES!!! 🥳🎄 Tomorrow will be day 15 of blogmas and I feel that it is time to change the blogmas picture for the next days remaining so look out for tomorrow’s post!! Now onto the good part: these delicious desserts that I want to make during Christmas break!!

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– Blogmas day 10: Celebration and Hair Care tips!! –

Guys we made it to day 10!!! Yahoo *everybody celebrate!!* Alrighty party is over now onto business. 😳😂

Now you might be wondering how does hair care have anything to do with Christmas? Well I’m glad you ask! During winter time we want to spend every chance we get celebrating the holidays, however how is one supposed to do that if your head is hurting or itching because of bad hair care.

So for Christmas do yourself a favour and take care of your hair and scalp with these two tips that I have found very practical!

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