A Midnight Stroll

Hello. How are you?

It’s crazy to think that those three words can be so emotionally driven in a completely different direction. (Does that make sense? I’m sorry if it doesn’t)

I am writing this with a heavy heart but not in a sad way just in a gravitated way. You see these past couple of days and months even have been, I must say, eye opening. And I don’t think that other years haven’t also, but it’s just that with all of the freedom of social media it has laid a heavyweight on our shoulders, a burden to hard to comprehend. The kind that is only wished to be see in a movie. Only it is not a movie. It, This is real life.

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February Favs

SURPRISE!! It’s me again, your favourite Cozy Potato 😂

I KNOW, two posts in one week??? Well, on Thursday I was doing my maths and lost myself to the deep abyss of not being able to answer the math problem, lol (that not the point though) the point is that my eyes were staring right at my calendar. Once I focussed back to reality I realized that this Wednesday was the last Wednesday of the month (crazy I know right!) Since I upload a post every Wednesday (for example this week I uploaded A Reminder Of You) this got me thinking that I was supposed to published my February Favs post *on that Wednesday🙄*. 

So here I am late, but the good news is, it’s still FEBRUARY! ***🎉HOORAYYY🎉!!!***  Therefore, with that being said here is my 5 February Favourites! 😁

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