A Reminder of You

She dared not speak a word. The fear that held her in was too powerful for her own sanity. She dreamed of days that used to be hers. She would have said it, if she knew it would not have killed you. But it would have. The saddest part was that no matter how many times, she would always have chosen you.

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A Blank Canvas

I do not know what to say, what to write. My mind is blank and empty – no words come to mind, no thoughts or colours, no emotions. Nothing, it truly is the strangest of feelings. To be lost.

Lost without words

Lost without colours 

Lost without senses or feelings

Lost without emotions 

Lost without beauty 

However, I do know the end of day is near. A new beginning is only a few seconds away, as the clock strikes the dead of night and the day all but flies away.

I, although drained of all, and pained by bane. Will wait for the day that I will be filled with life again, but until then I shall wait -as a plain, blank, canvas. 

What comes to your mind when you think of a blank canvas?

Soundness of Sleep

In the middle of the night, I find a thought of beauty and pain conformed together. So tightly intertwine that it can never be ripped apart. Its beauty is a reminder that nothing is lost even with the pain that hangs in the air. 

This masterpiece forms a single picture of grace and conflict. Sadly, the only thing that is found in this beautiful picture of a thought is quickly destroyed. And when I awake it was like all other lifeless dreams I once had but before the night was over forgotten, along with the soundness of sleep.

A Thought

Friendship. I am not sure what exactly holds me back in having a deeper relationship with friends. I guess I always thought you had to have known them for a long time to really known and consider them as true friends.