– Blogmas Day 9: More Christmasy pictures!! –

Good merry Christmasy day everybody!

So today I’ve been working hard on school and just trying to catch up on everything! So I thought I would make it easy for me and post some cute Pinterest pictures of this holiday season!

One day I hope I have a Christmas like this! But until then I’ll keep on living in the moment and making the best out of today!

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– Blogmas Day 8: A Christmas Self Care –

Today I thought I would make it a bit less Christmasy and more honesty. Hope you enjoy.

Self care is something I am constantly working on and trying to learn about. There are tons of different types of self care and two of them that stands out to me the most that I will share today.

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– Blogmas Day 7: A Christmas Poem –

The snow fell slowly like little diamonds softly floating down the thick cold air of December. It’s brilliant white reflects into millions of colours, oh how beautiful it is.

Delicately it lands onto the evergreen branches and kisses it softly. Everything silenced by the coldness of this season. The birds and creators nestled into their warm little homes for the night.

The vivid yet frozen moon peering through the dark clouds. The brightness of the snow illuminating the dead of night.

Walking along the snow-coated sidewalk all I could hear was the crunch of my boats and the sound of the snow ever so softly falling. The day frozen in time. Everything dead but yet alive. I guess one would call it the magic of winter.

Oh how calm and loving everything is, a peace only a few might find. But in the dead of night we find ourselves in this magical winter wonderland.

If only everyone would be able to experience such a sensational night, but if it be so I guess it would lose it’s magic. And magical it would be no more.

At last I find much hardship in telling such a fascinating moment because one must live through it to truly know it.

Slowly I make my way back to the place I call home. I will soon leave this magical place and enter into a home filled with life and laughter.

Love and joy, with carols and songs being sang. And the joy of Christmas shall it be. With the smell of Christmas food -gingerbread man freshly baked and a stew brewing on the stove top.

My family laughing, gathered around the warmth of the fireplace and the smell of firewood crackling under the heat of the fire. Along with the smell of pine tree alive through this home of mine.

At last, I must leave the quietness of the cold and magical heaven of this winter wonderland and enter into another beauty of this season!

Hope you enjoyed reading this little poem I wrote. I really tried to give you, the readers, something that I would think is the most beautiful Christmas of it all. With the coldness of snow and quietness outside and the cheers and love inside a home.

That is all for this blogmas post! I hope you enjoyed reading this!!

As always thanks for read! ❤

– Blogmas 2020!! –


I have to say December is probably one of my favourite months of the year. Why you might ask? Well, first reason is my birthday is in December! Second, SNOW!! (at least where I live haha!) Third, we get closer to a new year, a new start -that’s always exciting! And lastly, CHRISTMAS!!! 🎄❄️🌟

So as you read in the title I am hoping to push myself this month. To bring me into a more christmasy spirit and to positively force myself to post more on my blog!

I won’t do very long post but I will try to upload at least once a day until the 25th! Let’s see if I make it!!

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// Clothing Haul & 5 Fashion Tips //

Hello! Welcome back!
It’s been a while, a lot of things have been happening for me lately and writing blogposts haven’t been the first thing on my mind. However, I have missed it quite a lot, and I am now trying to get into a better routine which allows me to write blog posts!! (Yahoo!)

As you can probably tell from the title, today I’ll be showing you guys some clothes I got the other day at the mall and some hacks to having a simple but stylish everyday look!

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