// To New Beginnings! //

Happy 2021!🎉🎉🎉 (I know I’m late sorry about that lol) I had planned to post a New Years’ post which I wrote but then never published it. It wasn’t good enough for my standard and then we’ll I just never took the time to sit down and edit it.

So here I am writing my first post of 2021! I hope you all had an outstanding Christmas and New Year break!

I should probably catch you guys up with all the new things that have been happening for me. I moved houses so that’s crazy and then I also enrolled into Uni which I got in! For the WINTER term 2021!!!! And I am start uni tomorrow! So that’s crazy too!

I’ve been painting my new bedroom and I can’t wait to have it all decorated and finished! I’m also so excited to show you guys the before and after in another blog post!!

My blogging schedule is really crazy because I don’t know how my school is going to be. However, once I get my school scheduled in then I’m sure I’ll be able to be consistent with blogging!

In the meantime if you miss my blogs you can head over to my Instagram! I upload stories on there everyday and I am starting to upload new pictures which is very exciting!!

I miss sitting down and writing but after blogmas I really needed to take a break from blogging. And I am glad I did!

Alrighty, I will keep the rest of my thoughts for another post!! You are all so amazing and I can’t wait to get back to blogging more often!!

‘Till next time,

and as always thanks for reading!

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