-Blogmas Day 24: A pre-celebration!! –

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!! I hope you are all enjoying this holiday and day specifically!

Here’s a little recap of what I did with my family for Christmas Eve

Woke up and blasted Christmas music in the kitchen 😆😅🎶 We then had breakfast and enjoyed the morning!

Around noon my brother and I started to watch Home Alone 2! It has becomes a tradition for us two. 😄

We then facedtimed our grandparents that live in Greece and talked with them and wished them Merry Christmas Eve!

Then we finished Home Alone 2 and just enjoyed the evening!

We had a special dinner and FaceTimed our other grandma! Then we played a board game and listened to our church’s Christmas Eve service online!

One thing we do, a tradition for our family, is open the gifts at midnight however, my mom was a bit tired so we opened them up around 11:30 and then we had a few friends who were on a snowy Christmas walk that dropped by and said hi! That was nice!!

We then finished opened our Christmas gift and then we went on our Christmas walk!! 😄 I LOVE SNOWY CHRISTMAS WALK!!!

That’s what we did yesterday and now it’s Christmas morning so keep an eye out for today’s post!!

What did you do for Christmas Eve???

Merry Christmas everyone! ❤️🎄❤️🎄

As always thanks for reading!<3

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