– Blogmas Day 14: Christmas Baking I want to do!! –

Good day everyone!!! Today is a good day because I am going to be talking about food! 🤩 More specifically CHRISTMAS GOODIES!!! 🥳🎄 Tomorrow will be day 15 of blogmas and I feel that it is time to change the blogmas picture for the next days remaining so look out for tomorrow’s post!! Now onto the good part: these delicious desserts that I want to make during Christmas break!!

First dessert that has been on my mind to do are GINGERBREAD COOKIES!!! I’ve never made them so it would be fun to see how they would turn out!

Secondly I want to make CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES!! I’ve seen these around and they look so simple to make and they also look delicious!! 😋

Another cookie I want to make are SNICKERDOODLES!! And of course I would make them look a bit more ✨Christmasy✨ then on the picture, but yes!! I made these a while ago with a friend and they were really good!

This dessert I have never made at home. However, I have eaten them and they are quite the festive snacks! I believe these are called CHRISTMAS CRACKS. I mean just look at them! 😍 SO pretty!! 🎄🎄

Lastly a cake! Because it would not be Christmas desserts without a cake… right?! 🤔🤷‍♀️🎄 This is called a CHRISTMAS YULE LOG CAKE!! This is a simple sponge cake with icing and I could even do the “mushrooms” as meringue candy!! That’s a yes please if you ask me! 😋

Well we have come to the last of our Christmas desserts! Hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures! What is your favourite Christmas dessert to make? Let me know down below!!

I hope you have a lovely christmasy day!
As always thanks for reading!!

5 thoughts on “– Blogmas Day 14: Christmas Baking I want to do!! –

  1. The Christmas Yule looks so yummy! I’ve always been a fan of cake for Christmas, but the older I get, my sweet seems to be losing its strength. Now I’m all about the main meal and the drinks 😅

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  2. All of these look so delicious! Now I can’t wait to make them!!! It’s been a while since I made chocolate truffle.. I’m excited to get back to it. I’ll definitely try to make Christmas Cracks. They seem so easy to make and yummy too!

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