– Blogmas Day 13: A Christmas Bucket List!! –

Day 13!! I know I’m late again (sorry? who am I kidding! 😂) Anyways today I’m sharing with you all what I want to do during Christmas break! Which I probably will not be able to get all of them done but I will do the most out of what I can do!!

1. Go for a walk in the evening when it’s snowing outside!!
2. Go sledding and ice skating! (I would if there would be snow and it wasn’t covid but I can still imagine doing it!)

3. Bake some Christmas desserts!

4. Go get/make some Christmas present for my family!
5. Have some self-care days!!

6. Listen to Christmas music!!

7. Work on my Christmas bujo some more!
8. Make memories!
9. Get my driver’s licence!!
10. Finish all 25 blogmas posts!!

What is on your Christmas bucket list??? Let me know in the comments!!
Day 13 is finally done and only a few more to go!! Whoop Whoop!! Thank you all for sticking with me and giving a like it means so much!

If you read all the way to here THANK YOU!!! You’re a real one! Also let me know down below in the comments if you want me to go check out one of your recent blog posts!!

Hope you all have a lovely day!
As always thanks for reading! ❤

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