– Blogmas Day 12: Instagram’s Q&A!!! –

Day 12 let’s get it!! I hope everyone is having an amazing day! Be sure to check out Day 11 of my blogmas it was definitely an important one for me!!

Now a couple of days ago I asked you guys to send in some questions on my Instagram and you all send some lovely questions for me to answer so here are my answers!!

1. What’s your favourite part about Christmas? Christmas is all about celebrating Jesusbirth and His arrival in the world. However, my favourite part about Christmas is the holiday joy and traditions that my family does. Also enjoying the memories we create every year and the Christmas spirit!

2. What keeps you inspired to continue writing posts? I love this question because I feel like there are a few factors to why I stay inspired one being you, my lovely readers! But also I’ve found that this has become an outlet where I can just come on here and write about anything and just share my thoughts! IDK that’s pretty awesome to me!!

3. What do you want for Christmas? Honestly I just want memories that will bring me joy in the future -to look back at what we did that specific Christmas. In terms of what I want as gifts: jewellery, an air fryer, a jacket I saw at American Eagle and a boxing bag lol.

4. How often do you read other people’s blog posts? This is not an easy one to admit! 🙈 I read mostly sporadically whenever one comes in my email box I will skim over it and give it a like. As much as I love to write I love a bit less to read. That being said it’s not that I don’t enjoy reading your blogs it is just that it takes a lot of time for me to read (because I am a slow reader). So not often but I try to give a like and comment whenever I can!

Lastly I’ll give you guys a question!! -What is your favourite Christmas memory?

Thank you to everyone that sent in some questions! Hope you all have a splendid day!!

As always thanks for reading!! ❤

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