– Blogmas Day 8: A Christmas Self Care –

Today I thought I would make it a bit less Christmasy and more honesty. Hope you enjoy.

Self care is something I am constantly working on and trying to learn about. There are tons of different types of self care and two of them that stands out to me the most that I will share today.

1. The Well Know Self Care: This one is in my opinion the one that is always encouraged. The “take the day off you deserve this!” Self care which I am not saying that it is a bad one it’s just a commonly heard one. But yes sometimes we do need a good off day.

So the first few self care ideas are take a time off. Read a book, go out for a walk, bake something, take a bath or shower, organize your workspace, meditate, spend time in God’s word. Just relax.

2. The Not So Well Known Self Care: I find that this one is not talked about much but it is so crucial! Self care can be anything and because we live in a world where we need to get things done everyday, the to-do list can get overwhelming. So relax take a breath and just focus on one thing you have to get done that specific day.

Don’t focus on tomorrow, don’t worry about everything else that needs to be accomplished. Just focus on finishing that one task. And also realize that doing only one task might not seem like much but at the end of the day you can be proud of that one tasked you accomplished.

Remember to take care of yourself and to make sure you choose the right self care. Because if you are off procrastinating the one thing that is making you nervous and bandaging it with “self care” then is that really self care? no it’s not.

It’s Christmas time and it is also the season of giving and this is something so important to do, so please give yourself something you will benefit from this holiday!

Thank you so much for reading I hope you are enjoying these posts! Make sure to leave a like!!

As always thanks for reading! ❤

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