// A little poem & an explanation 🙂 //

They tell me one day I’ll grow old, live a happy life, find someone who truly loves me.

They tell me that I will be filled with a love that is good, but they don’t know, as I stare outside of this damped, grey, rainy, window that my heart belongs to her.

They don’t know that my soul left when she did. That she stoled my breath.

They don’t know that she came by candlelight and blew out the only flame I had left.

They don’t know that my heart and mind longs for her to come back, and light up the candle she burned out when she disappeared.

They don’t know, what I hold for her. They ponder upon their thoughts, saying among themselves that they are correct,
sadly they miss seeing the truth I hide under my masks of smiles and laughters.

But how could I tell them? Oh how her eyes hold such magic, and her face shines as bright as the moon in the mist of night.

How could I?
There is not one word. No, not even one.

She is gone, gone like the wind. But I shall not give up. I will have hope, I will wait.

For the hope that lives within me, is not dead. Although, she stole my flame and left me cold, I know she has a will, to come back.

Back to a life she longs for. But knows it not.

So I will wait, patiently, for the day she comes back to me.

Wow, what a poem right?! I wrote this a while back and now I have totally forgotten from where I was approaching this poem.

When I write poems like this, they come at the weirdest hours and in the unstable feelings I get.

I think that when you first read it you might think it’s a lover’s poem. But it’s not.

I write a lot of poems in the sense of “her” being the person I used to be. Or a girl being someone she “used” to be.

If I remember correctly from when I wrote this, my desire was to convey a message that was saying “I used to be this girl who was happy, content, full of colours, and joyful, but now that girl has left me.”

And basically what the poems shows is how that girl, who she used to be, has lost the most joyful parts of her.

And what you see and read is the mournings of the girl that was left behind, and how she wishes and hopes that that part of her comes back.

I hope you enjoyed my little creative brain dump that I wrote!! Don’t worry I’m mentally all good, truly I promise! Haha! 😅

I just find a lot of pleasure in writing these kinds of poems! 🙂

Have a blessed day everyone!!

And as always thanks for reading!!<3

11 thoughts on “// A little poem & an explanation 🙂 //

  1. Nice poem! I like the style you did it in. Isn’t it so weird how poetry and inspiration can come from the WEIRDEST places? Haha! Thanks for sharing, Victoria! I kinda was waiting around for you to post, so thanks! 😉 xoxo

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  2. I really like how you described it, so no, this is not brain dump, this is a great way to express feelings, and the characters’ were awesomely described as well. Inspiration does come from the WEIRDEST places, let me tell you! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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