// The Book Thief, A book review //

THIS BOOK. Now let me just start off and say 👏this 👏book👏is👏just👏spectacularly,unimaginably,incredible.👏

So a few years ago (I can’t even believe how fast it gone by) my good friend Meredith gave me this book (the book thief) for an end of school year present. Now she had told me something that had made her laugh but I kind of never understood what she said so it is a mystery and I will most likely never find out. (Sorry Mere I promise I do listen to all the things that you say… well except for that one time 😂😘)

ANYHOW, so long story short the book ended up sitting on my bookshelf for what felt like years and I started to feel bad that I hadn’t actually gotten to read it. So when COVID broke loose and we humans loss all human interaction that we were getting, I decided to sit down and start reading it!

Here’s what I liked about The Book Thief:

It is narrated by Death. I never thought about this point of view and it was so interesting to read and see from Death’s perspective.

All the “colours.” This was more something I liked about the author. How he had that specialty to show the readers the colours of the skies that he saw in every scenes. Just so beautiful! And how Death would always point out the colours just made it so good!

The fact that the storyline is located during WWII and in Germany! I always love to read stories that take place during that era. There is always so much depth and love and sacrifice in these heart wrenching stories.

The story plot. (If you know, you know! And if you don’t GO READ THE BOOK!)

The realistic ending. (I don’t want to spoil anything so i’mma leave it at that) 🤪

Liesel’s friendships with Rudy Steiner, Max Vanderburg, and Hans Hubermann. They each have so much chemistry between each other and all in different amazing ways.

For Rudy it is a youthful best friend/lover relationship which is always so cute because their so young. (My heart goes out for poor Rudy) ❤️

For Max it is the kind of stranger-becomes-brother-or-family kind of relationship which is always so precious to see that even a stranger which at the time was the lowest in society could become one of her best friend and family. And I just love how much they taught each other! 🥰

And the father daughter bond between Liesel and Hans is so heartwarming! I absolutely loved it. And to think that he was always there for her, didn’t make her feel bad when she screwed up, and was just such an awesome loving dad. It in a way reminds me about how God is towards me and us humans.

Oh last relationship I haveee to mention is between Liesel and Ilsa Hermann (aka the mayor’s wife)!! I just love how their friendship blossoms into this very special private bond. Which I won’t elaborate more on because well – spoilers???😝

Let’s move on to some of my favourite quotes from the book!! (There might be a few spoilers in these quotes just fyi)

*note this picture I found off of Pinterest but all other pictures are mine*
(You might have seen this one go by on my IG story!! If you’re not following me go do that _@_thecozypotato_!!!

^^ I love that moment when Rudy calls Liesel the book thief 🥰 it’s so precious and funny and just perfect ahaha 😂

This quote might have been a spoiler 🤭😅🤫

^^ “How about a kiss, Saumensch?” 🥰🥰🥰

^^ I’m sorry but I just love Hans and Rosa’s relationship 😂😂😂 It is the most funny and comical relationship out there, love those two 🤣

So there you go those are just *some* of my favourite quotes and lastly I just have a few more things to add to this book review! 😄

I want to say that it did take me a while to finish this book. Somewhere in the middle I got stuck, I found that nothing was really happening and I almost lost interest. But I am not one to not finish what I have started so I kept reading it and I am very glad that I finished it!!

The Book Thief is an incredible read and the author (Markus Zusak) deserves all the credits for writing such an amazing story. Each characters have their own little “conflict” within themselves and it adds to the main storyline so well.

I do want to say that at one point I asked myself what’s the plot? And in a way I found what the plot was but in another way it also made me think that the plot is life. Because they are just going through life not knowing what will really happen. And that just makes it all the more realistic and rich. Anyways, you can disagree with me on that but I’ll still see it like that! 😂

Ok there you go! First book review ever written and published on my blog!!! 🥳 I hope you have enjoyed reading this little review. Oh and if I were to give this book a rating I’d say it was 4.5/5 ⭐️ why 4.5? Because there is always a .5% room for improvement.

Well thanks for reading lovelies!! I hope you have an amazing Saturday or whatever the day it is that you are reading this! 😆

As always thanks for read! ❤

17 thoughts on “// The Book Thief, A book review //

  1. Wow this seems so good !!! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy ! I’m intrigued on how this was written from “ deaths “ perspective . Definitely never heard of that before ❤️ great post , I really enjoyed it !!!

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  2. Ahhh you finished it!! And WOW I can’t believe you don’t remember what I said. Tsk tsk tsk. (Jk, I don’t remember half to things I say so it’s all good XD) I’m so glad you liked it! I knew you would. 😉 Great review, Vic! Love ya! ♥️

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  3. This was a fantastic review – you should definitely consider doing more 😉😉I read this book a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with it – from the narration by death, to the bonds Liesel forms with everyone to the realistic period and story arc of the book. I LOVED IT ALL❤️❤️We ended up doing it as a school setwork so I’m glad I enjoyed it 😂 Great job on the review, and I’m really glad you enjoyed this book! Looking forward to reading your next review ☺️

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