// A glimpse in an untold story //

The wind blowed strait into my face and onto my body. I could feel the cold seap through my tin laced nightgown and my hair crossing over my face in no particular way. It was night time, the stars were blooming through the dark abyss of the universe. I could feel the sand in between my toes and the sound of the calm, soothing waves crashing along the beach. Somewhere here and there, close by but yet far away.

When I looked back down my eyes reached the line where the ocean so pleasantly connects with the sky. The moon shimmering upon the water. Revealing nothing but curiosity for those who have a mind to venture far out into that mystery.

It was a peaceful and quiet night, one would have thought they were the last person on earth. But the truth is I’m never alone. Across to my left side was a small crab making its way to somewhere. Never really know if there was a right or wrong path.

How simple, I thought, it is to forget to take a moment to focus on the present, which many fail to do. How sad, to think that many miss what is right in front of them.

Forgetting to enjoy the small moments. And dismissing the importance to pause and breath. The long, deep breaths. The ones that could change the world, if God only dared to allow it. To be present in the now. Not worrying about the yesterdays or tomorrows.

I could taste the salt in the air and smell the indescribable beauty of this place I call home.

Reaching the water, I felt its cold mysterious power reach my toes, sending a vibrant shock throughout my fragile human frame. Without contemplating, I let my body plunge into the darkness of the ocean. Silencing my overwhelming thoughts, troubles, and worries and letting them be hushed away -by the crushing waves- and along with the passing seconds.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse in a story I had stuck in my mind. If you liked this kind of post let me know down below or by leaving a like, so I write more like these in the future!!

As always thanks for reading! ❤

16 thoughts on “// A glimpse in an untold story //

  1. Where’s your publisher? Victoria, this is GOLD! You’re such a talented writer so OF COURSE I’d love to see more of your stories in the future. You could even try making it into an eBook 🙂

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