Teeny Blessings


A day or two ago, I was doing my devotion and there is this thing you can do where you sit in silence for about 5 minutes or more if you want to and you just focus on what God is trying to say to you. This as you can imagine can be somewhat of a harder thing to do in the day time, when everyone is awake in your household, lucky for me it was nearing midnight and the house was *quiet* (don’t we love some quiet time!)

Anyhow, lately I have been really busy with school and to-do lists and all of THAT (you know the elephant in the room *cough* life *cough* ) So I did my quiet time and a couple of things came to my head about this and that, but one specific thing that happened a couple days ago came to my mind, and I thought to myself, “why would You (God) allow me to get *super* stressed about this tiny (not “ti-ny” but “tee-ny”) little thing that I never even got to be able to share ?? It just did not make sense. Anyways, I want on with my quiet time and then went to bed.

the end

jk. (you still with me?)

So the next morning. This is when it happened, I was going through my instagram stories (@_thecozypotato_ *shameless plug* haha) and one of my friend’s story-post was about this girl’s story and she was explaining her life/faith struggles and how she overcame it with God’s help. I have always found it fascinating for someone to be so opened and honest about telling their “mistakes” and there is actually so much POWER in it all. And so moving along with my story, I was reading through it and at one part she explained how she had asked God “why make me so nervous about this little thing and not even give me a chance to do it?” (which is the exact same question I had the day before!!!) and she said “it was like God was telling me

-I just wanted to hear you say yes-”

AND WOW, that just blew me away! This was just jaw dropping for me, because a) I was wondering the same questions, and b) that was a perfect answer, (with a bible verse added to it which makes it all the better!!!)


I wanted to share this story of mine because I just love it when God does things like this in my life and other people’s life. And honestly because it is so important to remember that He is in control and He does everything for our good because He loves us.

I hope this post find you today and reminds you that God is amazing, and many times we find ourselves in situations that gets us reallyyy nervous, but we do it because we known it will please God, however do not forget that sometimes those *amazing but nervous thing* will sometimes not go through. And maybe that is because God did not want you to do it in the first place or at that moment. Remember God has all things planned out. Maybe He only wanted you to say “yes” to what He is asking you to do, so that He could challenge you, grow your faith, or simply remind you of His love for you.


That is all for today guys, do YOU have any God moments or stories that happened this week? Let me know I always love to hear from you guys in the comments. And I hope this makes sense, I known, I tend to ramble a LOT about bible things and lots of it sometimes doesn’t make any sense ahaha (oops)! If you have any questions about ^the above post^ let know and I will do my best to answer!💞

Hope you all have a fabulous rest of your day, and as always thanks for reading!

~Victoria ❤

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