Broken but Saved

I had lost the simplicity of life.

The busy days and the short years. The stressful hours and never ending due dates. The throbbing painful ache in my heart was never to stop and the peace I was so desperately longing for was far from my reach.

One day I broke. I shattered. I let go. I dare and did the one thing everyone dared not to do, I fell.

In that moment of bliss, peace came about a beautiful, kind, sweet, peace. I dreaded the fact that I had to awake, I had to leave this safe haven.

When I awoke, people ask me if I was wrong? If I ever regretted it? For me the answer was so simple, that I dared not say it.

No. I did not regret it. I did not because that moment of peace was so powerful and beautiful that when I let go, when I shattered and allowed myself to fall, I didn’t crash.

I flew.

My shattered pieces, rose in array and clothes me into a beautiful, broken masterpiece: delicate but powerful. Later in years I learned to heal and grew stronger because of it.

And for me that was more then I could have ever dreamed of.


This pose came to me late at night and like all other pose it takes some thinking to fully understand the meaning of it all. I thought why not explain my thought of this pose here and then if you want to you could let me know your thought of it in the comments down below!

For me this poem portrays a girl who was so overwhelmed by life and people and what people have to say about her. It also shows that after a while she is so tired of it all that she just “lets go.” She lets go of everything that was dragging her down and falls into this “coma” type of peace where everything is paused and she get to take a break from it all, but she knows she will have to go back to her stressful life.

However, she has this new perspective and because of that she has the courage to go back to her life. She knows she can heal from her scars, from her past life, her past worries. That she can learn from it and grow and heal herself and that is the “I flew”, that is her realization. And the rest of the poem is how from that new perspective she finds great peace in this new discovery of herself and she becomes this “beautiful broken masterpiece.” Hence the Broken but Saved.


There you go guys today’s post! I hope you enjoyed reading it, I definitely enjoyed making it, let me know what your thoughts on it were. Have a great day and spread some love!

As always thank you reading,

~Victoria ❤

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